Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teaching about Neighborhoods

I love Saturday mornings!  And, today the sun is shining so bright and the temp. is supposed to reach 78 degrees....perfection! My hubby even has today off.  That is a rarity.  He is a church planter but also works retail to supplement his salary.  Because he needs every Sunday off, getting Saturdays off too is almost impossible.  Not today though!

This week we have been super busy in our classroom.  In social studies, we have been working on our BIG neighborhood unit.  It's one of my favorites.  Our district uses the curriculum called Storypath.  We begin by creating a neighborhood similar to the one we live in.  Each Little is responsible for creating an origami home for the neighborhood.  When I showed the Littles my home, oooohhhhhs and aaaahhhhhhs were numerous.  They couldn't wait to design and decorate their home.  It made my HGTV loving heart happy. 

 I take their houses and capture them into a SmartBoard File and we create a neighborhood.  With 27 Littles, it's hard to create a display of everything.  They also get to make other things that our neighborhood needs.  One of my Littles offered to make roadkill for the street.  I politely declined, but wanted to laugh my head off that he offered.  I will have to take a screen shot of our neighborhood next week and post it.  I can't seem to log on to the school network from home this morning.  It must be all that glorious sunshine causing interference...Just kidding. 

We also create family shields.  It's so neat to see what each Little feels is important about their family.  Here are some pictures so you get the idea.

I love that the Little above put that one of the values of his family is "Jeis"  (Jesus)!  Absolutely precious! 

I hope your Saturday is filled with sunshine too!  :)

~Happy Relaxing!

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