Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Wednesdays would be sooooo much better if I didn't have morning playground duty or afternoon crosswalk duty! The mornings aren't that bad. Basically, I go outside and police watch students play before the bell rings to line up. It's only 15 minutes earlier than I would normally go out and pick them up anyway. I can handle the mornings. Afternoon crosswalk duty is another story entirely. I already feel like I rush through math in the afternoon, but on Wednesdays, I feel like I have to be a superhero. On paper, my math time is 1:50-2:58. Sounds decent. Doable. In reality, it is not. Oh, in case you didn't know, school is dismissed at 2:58. That means that my littles need to be packed up before 2:58. We still need about 15 minutes of pack-up/wrap-up time. I like to end with what I call "the good stuff." This means I like to send my littles home with a smile and possibly give out a few stickers for being covered in awesome-sauce. I like to sometimes play a cheesy little game or send a note home to brag on said awesome-sauce. But on Wednesdays, I just feel rushed because as soon as the bell rings, I need to walk like crazy out to the crosswalk to fulfill my duty. I need to plan Wednesday afternoons a little better. I need to be nicer to myself and not overplan. Keep it simple. Hopefully, next Wednesday I will remember these words.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


For the past 2 weeks, we have been doing lots of apple themed learning.  The littles have been working really hard on all the apple activities and have had a blast.  Today we worked on our apple stained glass mosaics.  I am pretty sure that this idea came from Cara Carroll over at  It is relatively simple to get ready and the littles think it is the coolest.  Which is REALLY important in 1st grade!

We also have learned a bit about Mr. Johnny Appleseed.  We wrote about our learning in writing and included it in a craftivity.  I got this idea from a free download on TPT.  I wish I could give credit to the originator, but I only printed out the template and didn't fully download the other materials. Sorry! 
"Johnny Appleseed he met a wolf the wolf died." 

I am including a few other photos of the classroom.  We have been in session for a little over a month...I wish I would have taken the photos when the room was still bright and shiny.  But, (first grade) happens :) 

Monday, October 1, 2012

So far...

School's been in for a little over a month and I have come to the following conclusions:

1.  I always seem to end up with the cutest kids ever!
2.  It is impossible for my students to eat lunch quietly.
3.  The desk fairy at my school needs to get her act together and visit more often.
4.  Assessing and goal setting are important, but they are not my most favorite activites.
5.  I need more time in my day. 
6.  I need a personal assistant to cut out things, make copies, remind students to use their inside voices and bring me coffee when needed :).
7.  If I ask if it's an emergency bathroom request, it ALWAYS is.
8.  On the days that I need to be left alone before school begins, I will be interrupted.
9.  Pretending to call Justin Bieber on your cell to brag about your students independent reading stamina will make you famous for the rest of the day.
10.  First graders are THE BEST!!!