Saturday, May 25, 2013

Next Year and Timelines

It's finally official....I will be back in First Grade next year.  Last week, we filled out our preference for next year.  It was difficult for me.  I adore my class this year.  They are 27 of the BEST Littles ever!  I have never had that many in one classroom before, but they make it a blast most days.  So my preference looked like this:

My principal told me today that he couldn't guarantee that if I went to 2nd that I would get my Littles.  Although I heard through the grapevine that one of my teammates was told that she would have her Littles back next year in 2nd...I WILL NOT BE BITTER If that happens  I will have a good attitude!  So, I am back in First Grade.  It truly is my favorite.  I need to remember that when I get my new group next year.  The K's this year are crazy more challenging!  There are sooooo many that I am praying mature move before school starts.

We still have 17 days of school left.  It seems like everyone in the blogging world is winding down already.  But, we are still in full force in the classroom.  This last week we have been learning about timelines.  One of our WA state standards is that students are able to create a sequential timeline about their family or life.  I came up with a simple template and we have had loads of fun with it.  I decided that highlighting 4 BIG events in each Littles' life would be enough since we are just in First Grade.  The 4 categories were:

  They were able to bring in pictures to add to their timelines.  This was the best part.  We LOVED looking at all the baby pictures of our friends that came in.  And, they were so elated that I shared my pictures with them.  Luckily, no one mentioned that I was old :)  Here are few pictures of our projects!

Hope you have a blessed weekend :)

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