Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Paddy Freebie :)

Wow, this has been a long week!  I am so thankful that Friday is tomorrow!  I plan to sleep in on Saturday....bliss :)

The sickies have been floating around my school.  I hope I continue to stay germ free.  We had to avoid 2 spots of throw-up this morning leaving an assembly.  One of my first grade teammates was thrown up on today.  It was just a little...BUT STILL....EWWWW!!!

We have been super busy in my classroom this week.  This week and next week I am doing a unit on "That Rhyming Dr.".  I have too many things that I want to do to cram them into just one week. We have been visualizing with many of the Dr.'s books.  I love that their imaginations can be so inspired by his unorthodox language choices.  The Littles love that he writes books that celebrate silly and fun.  So many giggles this week and I.LOVE.IT!

On Tuesday, my first grade team met with our district math coordinator to review our recent standardized math test scores.  Yes, my Littles have to take one of those tests that require them to sit for way too long and choose between answers that are typed too close together and with little font.  Luckily, they aren't required in first to fill in the seperate bubble sheet that the other grade levels fill out.  Some of our para-educators help us do that.  At this meeting it was really clear that my littles (really all our first graders) need to work on comparing numbers.  So, I made a little game to use during our math intervention time.  My Littles have loved it.  When I asked how they liked the new game, it received an overwhelming 2 thumbs up!  I am hoping that this will give them opportunities to read the comparisons and really get a grasp of <, >, and =.  Here's the link to download your free copy :)  I hope that it helps your Littles too!


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