Saturday, March 16, 2013

Does Your Story Problem Smile?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  (Well, 1 day early :)  If you need a few St. Paddy themed math sheets, don't forget about the freebies that I posted a while back.

Click picture for freebie :) 
And, then there was this game that I posted too:

Click picture for freebie :)

I also thought I would share a new resource that I have been using in my classroom with ya'll.  This came out of necessity.  On our district tests, our Littles have to answer story problems by providing 4 things:  the equation, their proof (numbers, words or pictures), the answer and the correct label or unit.  I have lots of Littles forget to include one or more of those things pretty consistently.  So, one day in the middle of teaching, I told them they needed to make each story problem smile.  They can draw a circle if they included the equation, a mouth if they showed their thinking/proof, an eye for the answer and the other eye for the label or unit. 

We have been using this self-assessing rubric of sorts for about a week and a half and I must say that I can tell a difference.  My students want to have a complete smiley face for each problem. And, all I have to do is ask, "Did you make your story problem smile?"  They know exactly what I want them to check on their papers.  Because it is a practice that I want to continue in my class, I made a small poster for reference and bookmarks that they individually keep in their math journals.  If you want these resources to, I have added them as a freebie for you too.  Here are a few pics of my Littles using the smiley strategy and a link for the freebie :) 

Click for your copy :)
Have a great end to your weekend!  Monday will come too soon I am sure.  I am anxiously waiting for  the week of April 8th.  That's my spring break! 


  1. Story problem creative! Thanks SO much for your freebies (I must have missed them last time). We will be doing more/less soon and this will be a perfect practice sheet!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. Lindsay,
    I'm glad that you can use the math practice sheets. My Littles are doing them tomorrow :)