Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pin Friday


Wow!  It's been awhile Blogland!  Summer vacation has taken over and I can say that I'm loving every second :) Summer vacation is not all! I haven't been completely lazy. I am finally getting my house organized.  We moved into our new home almost a year ago.  It was right before a trip south to see our family, major church stuff that we were a part of, and right before school started.  Oh, and I had thrown my back out....not fun!  We have 2 extra bedrooms and a garage that have been the "holding" room for many things and this summer has been the perfect opportunity to declutter and organize.  I'll post some pics when it's all finished.

Onto today's post...I love Cara's new Linky party "Favorite Pins Friday."  I am slightly addicted to Pinterest so this is right up my alley.  Here they are: 

School Related

Quiet Mouse.  Shhh--Freebie!
How adorable is this little behavior management tool from First Grader At Last!?!  Basically, you start by writing a Little's name in the Quiet Mouse bubble.  During transitions that Little looks for the next quiet mouse and so on for the rest of the day.  I think I might change it up just a little bit for my room.  We are the Pandas so mine might say Quiet Panda of the day.
I think I might do something similar outside my classroom to write down funny things that the Littles say.  It comes from Chez Larsson
DIY Projects
Upcycle A Filing Cabinet!
I love upcycling!  This piece is awesome and happy.  I just purchased a sorta similar cabinet to make over and this is totally my inspiration.  The source for this inspiration is from ReFab Diaries.

Too cute for a foyer!
I love this print so much and plan to do something similar for my entry.  The source is from the HUNTED INTERIOR.  Lots of great ideas here. 

Yummy  Food

Spicy Thai Noodles. Easy. Rave Reviews
This is one of my favorite recipes from Pinterest!  It is super yummy.  I do end of adding rotisserie chicken for the sake of the hubs.  He needs meat in order to feel as though it's a meal...boys :)   The recipe is from A Small Snippet

Feta Dip
This is that ONE recipe that I always get asked for the most.  And it’s ridiculously, embarrassingly easy.... sounds good enough to give it a try!
This feta dip is super delish!  I have made it a couple of times and it always gets rave reviews.  Plus, it is super simple.  This recipe is from Clover Lane.

I can't wait to wade through all the other Favorite Pin Links!   Head over to The First Grade Parade to look or link up :)

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