Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break and Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party~Stranded

Spring Break, 0h how I love thee.  Let me count a few of the ways:

1.  No 6 am wake ups~  Oh, how I adore sleep.  I am soooo good at it.  It's not that I am grumpy when I have to get up early, but I love sleeping to at least 8 am.  Of course, that means staying up till about midnight and such tomfoolery is crazy when you deal with 6/7 year olds.  My theory is either you are ready for them or they are ready for you.  I prefer the former :)

2.  Freedom to potty when you need to~  I love that when the urge hits, I don't have to wait until lunch or recess.  Such freedom!!!

3.  Day long pajama parties~  My pj's are my BFF.  They are pink and stretchy and soft and loose and comfy and warm.  I think that I am a nicer person when I wear them. and during spring break, I get to frequent their company!

4.  Development of new TV obsessions~  I am an avid TV watcher and admirer.  My newest find is The Americans.  It's intriguing and addicting already.  Plus, I have loved Keri Russell since Felicity. 

5.  Shopping during the day~  Such a simple pleasure, but I truly love it.  I pretend that I am a rich SAHM that can craft and bake all day long if I want to.  BTW, I don't have kids and I totally know that most SAHM are not crafting and baking all day.  I just like to pretend :)

6.  I can write this blog post at 12:30 on a Tuesday!

7.  I could clean my house if I wanted to (but I don't want to right now).

I could keep listing things, but it's spring break and I have a lot of *nothing* to do today.  :)

However, I am linking up with Flying into First Grade again.  This week's topic:  What 3 things would you have to have if you were stranded on an island?

I watch Survivor.  I am ready for this!  I would take: 
1.  Flint to use for fire.
2.  A machete to kill things that could kill or scare me. (and to build the shelter and for banging on the flint for a spark for fire)
3.  My hubby.  He makes me laugh and tells good stories. (and, he could use the flint and the machete)  Plus, I can't imagine him not in my life!

Happy Teaching,

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