Monday, April 29, 2013

Math, Mummies and Spoken Word :)

Most Mondays I feel like I am running a race.  I do it to myself.  I should get myself ready before leaving on Friday.  It's usually the same dialogue on Friday afternoon and most of the time, Tired Teacher wins.  Tired Teacher likes to walk down the hall and chat or scoot out and spend time with the Hubby.  Despite my running around, I usually enjoy Mondays.  The Littles are usually agreeable and ready to learn. 

Recently, I added a new tech tool to the Daily 5 Choice mix, a Nabi. 
It's an android tablet made for Littles.  It is super cool and comes loaded with lots of apps already.  It has a "mommy mode" that I can use to access whatever I need to and I can also manage what the Littles have access to.  I downloaded a game called Math vs. Mummies and my Littles love it.  They solve math problems and then annihilate  the quickly approaching mummies.  (Yes, they shoot the mummies, but I have watched enough Walking Dead to know that this might not be a horrible skill to know---no gun hate, please!)  Today one of my Littles was playing this game and after about 1 minute, he would push pause and have to collect himself.  There was deep breathing involved and shaking his body to get it loose.   It was so stinking funny!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a spoken word clip that a friend of mine posted on FB.  After my last post, you know how I feel about high stakes testing.  This guy sums up a lot of how I feel too.

~Happy Teaching!

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