Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to work and a New Year Freebie

It's back to school for me tomorrow.  I will be so happy to see and hug my littles, but I must admit that I will miss the lazy days of Christmas vacation.  I have been sleeping in and staying up late.  These actions will most likely prove to have been mistakes when my alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning. 

I didn't go into my classroom at all over the break.  I hope that I left things in an ok order.  I was sick right before the break and all I could think about was going HOME! 

This week has been monumental for me.........I actually have a few followers out there.  It has made my heart smile :)  !!!!  I hope to learn more about TPT and sharing things that I have created on here.  I am attaching something that I plan to use tomorrow.  I always use the first few days that we return from Christmas vacation to revisit procedures, expectations and let students set goals for the new year.  It's like a blank slate for them and any thing is possible.  So, you can click here for a little writing printable if you like.  I also have students create a head and scrapbook paper hat to attach above the writing.  Pictures of finished project to come soon.  Again, use if you like :)


  1. Don't feel guilty about not going up to your classroom during the much needed break. My building is locked and we aren't allowed in our classrooms. It's only open one Saturday every six weeks. I guess that keeps me from feeling guilty for not going to the building. You can pretend you are in the same situation. ;0) The break only makes us better teachers when we get back!!

  2. Corinna, thanks for your words. I needed them :) Our work is never done. There is always something else I could do, make or plan for.