Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day, Conferences, Reptile Man Oh My (and much more)

I survived Valentine's Day easily.....the day after proved more challenging!  It seems so cruel to go back after out of the ordinary festivities and routine.  It might be the combination of Valentine's Day, late night parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1/2 days all week, 100th day, book fair and our Reptile Man assembly.  It. has. been. a. week!!!

Our 100th day was Monday and with our super short day and other "have to dos", it was a little lacking this year.  I hope next year this day doesn't fall during conference week.

We always have a book fair during conference week.  Here are the littles waiting to devour the books and ask a million times "How much does this cost" gently look at all the available titles so they can tell their parents.

Parent/Teacher conferences went well.  I always love getting to talk to the parents of my littles.  I love showing how much growth they have made.  20 minutes goes so quickly and when the conversation involves a translator, I have to watch my time closely.  I had 3 no shows and I wish that I could say that they were surprises for me.  I don't understand being so completely busy that I couldn't make time to check in with my little's progress.  It would be different if these families were involved in other ways, but no, they have shown almost zero interest since the beginning of school.  Sadness :(

Reptile Man came for an assembly on Wednesday morning.  I loathe snakes.  I understand they are a part of an important ecosystem, but they honestly make my backbone hurt.  Here he is with some students holding a snake that could easily eat one of my littles! 

Valentine's Day is always a treat.  I love it.....HARD!!!  We exchanged cards and treats and then read them.  I love how they thank each sender so graciously.  It warms my heart to witness this every year!  We made scrapbooks with our cards.  This idea was one I got from helloliteracy.blogspot.com.  They turned out so cute and the littles loved making them.  We ended our short celebratory day with valentine floats.  I saw the idea on pinterest.  So simple:  1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, pour cherry 7-Up over the top and finish with a cherry twizzler straw.  They littles LOVED them!  When you hear " this is the best day everrrrrr!"  you know that you have succeeded. 

These were my Valentine's cards to the littles.  We are the Pandas :) 

The crazy straws went great with our Valentine Floats :)

Here's my favorite shirt worn on V-Day!  Gotta love a mustached panda!!!!
This week, we have off.  It's our mid-winter break.  HALLELUJAH!!!  I am so excited to have some time to regroup and relax. 

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