Monday, February 25, 2013

Meetings...No bueno (sometimes) and a funny :)

Sometimes, meetings about school, for school that make you think about school just stink.

Today I was at a training because I graciously volunteer was roped in to lead/facilitate a Learning Team at my school.  Learning Teams are sort of like PLCs.  My team is comprised of 1st and 2nd grade teachers.  We have a 7 step protocol that we follow.  It begins by choosing a need and ends with evaluating our lesson delivery/ instructional approach and student growth. 1st and 2nd graders are a lot a like, but they are also really different and have different needs.   In theory, it's a great way to have time to dig into what's great practice with your colleagues. In reality, it becomes laborious and resented.  It's great to lead a meeting where that is the sentiment :)  Um-huh, just loads of fun.  Well, today I had to go to a mid-year facilitator workshop. 

My brain hurts. 

Oh, and after the training, I had to race back to school to lead my team in a our weekly Learning Team meeting. 

Did I mention it was loads of fun already? 

Anywho, I am SOOOOOOO ready to be with my Littles tomorrow.  I lurve being with them and being a teacher.  I just don't necessarily like all the other hoops that we have to jump through to prove ourselves. 

So, after my day, I found this and it made me LOL---fo real----outloud :)

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