Monday, July 7, 2014

Email Hoarding

My name is Christy Holder and I am an email hoarder.  Admitting you have a problem is a step towards fixing it...right?

 I just spent over an hour in my school email account.  I went through over 2500 emails stretching back to 2011.  Yep...over 2500 emails.  Since 2011.  I seem to always tell myself that I might need that email or I'll delete them later.  Well, 2500 emails and 4 years later, I finally did it.  I had kind of gotten used to the 4 Friday morning emails telling me that my mailbox was becoming to large.  I mean 4 emails.  To tell me that my mailbox was too large.  4 emails that added to the already overflowing mailbox.  Emails like these: 


Do you get these too?  Sure, I deleted some throughout those 4 years, but clearly not enough.  Or regularly.  But, it's done now.  My inbox is only showing 11 emails that seem (right now) pertinent to next year.

                                                                 (11 feels so good!!!!)

 I admit that it felt soooo good to push delete on some emails about certain students.  You know the ones that made you question your calling.  The ones that your spouse prayed for you to have patience to deal with on a daily basis.  Those.  It was like a cleansing :)  Now, I need to go through my personal email account because unfortunately, I didn't leave my email hoarding at school each day :)

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