Sunday, November 10, 2013

Counting On (math strategy) and a freebie.

In my room, we have been spending a lot of time learning and practicing the count on strategy.  Most of my Littles can do this, but I still have a few that struggle with holding on to the larger number and counting on.  They are counting all.  Here's something that we are doing to practice this skill:
The big number cards came with my Math Expressions curriculum and they have the number on one side and the dots on the back that correspond.  I just used our whiteboards for the plus and equal signs. We start out by telling an addition story problems.  Then 4 students create the equation with the cards.  My Littles love to be the "one" chosen to solve the equation.  They must:

We also have been using this little game in our math intervention time this week.  It's called Odd and Even Sum Snakes.  One partner has even numbers and the other has odd numbers.  They take turns rolling 2 dice or 1 die and 1 number cube and add them.  When they use the number cube it is easy for them to practice counting on :)  Anywho, the idea of this game is to X-tinguish all your snakes with X's  :)  I laminate my boards and the Littles use dry erase markers.  Grab you free copy here!

And Lastly, here is our finished schema chart about pumpkins.  After reading several informational texts about pumpkins, we added our new schema in the form of leaves.  The Littles seemed most impressed that there are in fact BLUE pumpkins.  They thought that was super cool.

Have a blessed week,

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