Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School TPT Sale 2013

I can hardly believe that the beginning of school is here.  My Littles don't officially come until the 26th so I have a little more time to  go to meetings get my room ready.  Pictures to come soon :) 

I have only been to my classroom 2 times.  With a late scheduled trip south to visit my sweet folks and the building being closed for summer cleaning, I haven't had the opportunities!  When I walked in on Thursday, I thought I would see the typical classroom in August.  You know, the one that I have seen for the past 7 years....OH NO...the summer cleaning crew had everything piled at the front of the classroom.  PILED! More on my classroom progress later...

In happy news, TPT finally announced their Back To School Sale!  I am also offering 20% off.  That means you can save up to 28% by entering the promo code:  BTS13  

Here are a couple of my favorites:

My Desk Awards packet:

My CVC Practice Activities packet:

My Interactive Attendance File (16 different boards for smartboards)~ Awesome way to take attendance each day!

To visit my store click the button below!

Have a BLESSED day and have fun shopping...I know I will :)

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